Calor Gas


As one of the main Calor gas dealers in the area we are able to offer all sizes of bottles required alongside Campingaz for camping.

If you are purchasing a gas bottle for the first time we can advise on which one you need, however there is a hire charge on any bottle we don't take an exchange for as we are charged this by Calor.

The charge is £39.99 on all bottles if you do not have one in exchange except for the Propane Lite 6kg bottles which are £44.99. You get paperwork to claim some of this cost back once finished with the bottle. 

We offer FREE delivery within Diss and for a small charge in outer lying villages and towns dependant on distance.

Unsure which gas bottle to purchase, Calor gives a guide HERE... 


What's the price?

Propane 47kg: £70.00 

Propane 19kg: £38.00 

Propane Forklift 18kg: £38.00 

Propane 13kg: £34.50

Propane 6kg: £22.85

Propane 3.9kg: £17.25

Butane 15kg: £39.95

Butane 12kg: £33.00

Butane 7kg: £25.25

Butane 4.5kg: £18.50

Patio Gas 13kg: £40.00

Patio Gas 5kg: £22.00

CampinGaz 907: £34.00

CampinGaz 904: £29.00

CampinGaz 901: £19.00

Prices are subject to change