Tow Bars

All of our tow bars come with a lifetime guarantee on the bar, we use A1 and PCT as our suppliers.

All of our tow bars come with a lifetime guarantee on the bar, we use A1 and PCT as our suppliers.

We have been fitting tow bars on site for over 40 years with Jamie our designated fitter doing so for over 10 years with us, so you can rest assured the advice you get is as solid as the tow bars themselves. There are a few options on deciding which bar is appropriate for you, such as if you require double or single electrics, do you wish the bar to be removable, or work with a specific caravan stabiliser etc. We are happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have and will be open and honest throughout. We are well trusted in the local area, currently fitting for a large amount of companies based in Diss including one large car garage however we do have to compete with mobile tow bar fitters so if you find a better quote elsewhere then we will do our best to beat it.

Trailer Servicing

We are able to service and repair trailers onsite from changing the light fixtures to a full over haul of the brakes or electrics. Depending on the issue this can sometimes be done while you wait. We are unfortunately unable to work on Caravans due to a lack of workshop space on our premises but are able to deal with trailers up to car transporter size. The cost would be an hourly labour charge plus any parts but feel free to contact us for a rough estimate.

We also supply second hand trailers for both hire and for sale starting from only £30 for the week (subject to availability). If you are looking to sell a trailer we are also interested to hear from you!



Trailer Parts

Alongside servicing and repair we can provide all spares, fixtures and fittings you may require from a new hitch to a break away cable or wheel clamp. 

We have a large quantity of parts in stock and are one of the only trailer spares shops in the area. If you are looking for something thats a little harder to get hold of we can try and source this for you ASAP also.