Clearwater Multifunctional Tablets (5KG)

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Clearwater® 5 kg Multifunction Chlorine Tablets an easy way to make sure that your pool or hot tub stays clear and hygienic
Contains 250 x 20g tablets of slow release chlorine, algaecide and clarifier
A cost effective way to make sure you always have chlorine tablets to hand
Designed to use in floating dispensers or the Lay-Z-Spa® ChemConnect
For use in pools and hot tubs

How do I use the Clearwater® Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets in my pool or hot tub?
  • An initial chlorine shock dose with granule is required prior to using tablets
  • Adjust the pH levels before adding the multi‑function tablets
  • Follow instructions on quantity of tablets required
  • Add the tablets to a floating dispenser or Lay‑Z‑Spa® ChemConnect
  • Check the tablets after a few days, test the water and top up as required
  • Remove the dispenser when using the hot tub
As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed.

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