Erich Jaeger Adaptor 13 Pin Plug To 2×7 Pin Sockets

Sale price£25.99


Erich Jaeger universal adaptor is ideal for connecting trailer and caravans with 12N & 12S 7 pin connectors to convert a 13 Pin socket into 12N & 12S sockets

  • Model type: Plastic compact adaptor block with cap
  • Plug pins: Nickel plated
  • Socket pins: Nickel plated Nickel plated pins can provide better electrical connection and superior corrosion resistance that standard brass pins
  • Features a bayonet coupling with lever that locks the 13 pin socket to the vehicles Jaeger Adaptor 13 Pin Plug
  • Complies with: ISO 11446 (13P) ISO 1724 (7P) ISO 3732 (12S)
  • Patented compact design
  • Sourced from the EU
  • Reduces damage potential by not having trailing leads
  • Overall length 90mm
  • Instructions included on the packaging

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