Go System - Dynasty Trio

Sale price£59.95


Large double hob and grill family camping stove, that folds into a low profile self-contained case for transport.
  • Steel/Brass/Tin Piezo auto-start ignition system
  • Double hob and grill/toaster with tray
  • Capable of use with pans more than 30cm in diameter
  • Built in carry case acts as drip tray
  • Fuelled by either a Go System EN417 gas cartridge, or larger gas bottles using a regulator
  • Any gas source via regulator 1500 watts. 320g of gas consumed per hour. Continuous burn time of 1 hour 05 mins per 220g cartridge
  • Will boil 1 litre of water in 2 mins 35 seconds
  • Supplied with carry case

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