Highlander Fast Boil 3 Camping Gas Stove 1.1L

Color: Green
Sale price£67.95


The only gas stove you'll ever need in the wilds, the Fastboil is true to its name - boiling water in under 5 minutes. The stove is designed to be compact and fit snugly inside the pot, along with stand and a 100g gas cartridge, making this ideal for lightweight campers and backpackers.

The Fastboil gas stove has a Piezo ignition and heat transmitters to start and protect the flame if it's gusting up a storm. Your Fastboil 3 Gas Stove comes with a 1.1l pot, pot stand, stabiliser and insulating sleeves. Just add a valved gas cartridge and you'll have everything you need to scratch your caffeine itch wherever you are.


  • Piezo ignition
  • Soft TPE material lid for firm closure
  • Drink-through lid with vent holes and strainer
  • Stabiliser included to create a stable cooking platform for use in the outdoors
  • Space to store a Highlander 100g gas cartridge (not included)
  • Heat transmitter for increased efficiency
  • Durable and lightweight food grade construction
  • Silicone covered butterfly handles
  • Includes pot stand, carry bag and body sleeve

Weight: 570g Dimensions: 13cm x 18.5cm Packed size: 13cm x 18.5cm Material: Hard anodised aluminium Fuel: Valved gas cartridge

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