Landmann Medium Kettle BBQ

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  • A medium sized, kettle BBQ, standing 92cm in height when fully assembled
  • Made from enamel coated steel so durable & re-usable.
  • The chrome plated steel cooking grill has a 43cm diameter so is able to cook for multiple people at once
  • Two charcoal dividers are included. This allows the chef to pile the charcoal on one side of the firebowl & cook indirectly
  • The lid has an adjustable stainless-steel ventilation disc to allow air to flow through it, helping get the charcoal up to cooking temperature quickly & easily.
  • There is a removable ash catcher which prevents hot ash from spilling everywhere whilst in use. Once the ash has cooled down, it can safely be disposed of
  • Once assembled, the BBQ is easy to transport as it is mounted on two wheel, with a leg to give stability whilst in use

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