Multimat Camper 25 Self-Inflating Mat

Sale price£28.95


The Camper 25 is a cheap self-inflating mat but full-sized to comfortably accommodate adult campers. This self-inflating mat is a standard size and designed to ensure it fully inflates quickly after it has been unrolled and it will keep you comfortable and warm at night when camping out in spring, summer and autumn.

A matching stuff sack for easy carrying, retaining bands to keep it tightly packed and a repair kit in case it gets a puncture are included.

  • Type: Self-inflating
  • Size: 1830 x 510 x 25mm
  • Weight: 1.04kg
  • Season Rating: 4
  • Pack size: :510 x 150mm
  • Colour: Orange/Charcoal

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