Original SAS Hitchlock HL2 for Unbraked Trailers

Sale price£85.00


Insurance Approved hitch lock completely covers hitch head.

The Hitchlock HL2 for Unbraked Trailers fits most unbraked trailers with pressed steel heads mounted on single drawbars up to 60mm wide. Designed to fit around stand, breakaway cable/chain brackets and deeper drawbars. Cast hitches fit too, where they are mounted on the drawbar similar to pressed steel hitches.

The Original Hitch lock will fit to your trailer hitch whilst hitched or unhitched to your towing vehicle. This prevents your car park or motorway service station thieves separating your car and trailer because the hitch is locked in the lock box.

The Hitchlock HL2 for Unbraked Trailers has a high security anti-drill radial pin tumbler lock to deter thieves. The Hitch lock is made of tough steel, finished in Zinc Passivate, and painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent.

Compact and easily stored which makes it ideal for touring.

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