Outwell - Mensa Mains 3 Way Roller Kit

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With electric hook-ups available on campsites home like comforts can be enjoyed by all, power, cooking, lighting and heating can call be switched on allowing you to create a comfortable outdoor living environment! The Outdoor Power mains kit has been developed with safety in mind giving you three UK power sockets for you to operate your electronic items with the use of batteries.

CE approved, built-in circulate breaker, dust proof covers and featuring a polarity warning light this mains kit certainly doesn’t lack on safety features for you and your family to enjoy electric power without worrying about the risk of fire or sparking.

Featuring a 15 meter cable gives you plenty of slack to power your gadgets and devices around your awning, caravan or motorhome to create your home-like camping environment for all round family fun and comfort. The built-in 74 LED light with 1 LED night light provides a great level of brightness for ease of operation during early evening and during the night when entertaining friends and family.

Equipped two USB ports allow you to safely charge mobile devices up such as, your smartphone or tablet for next day use.

The practical roller wheel allows to wind / unwind the cable to suite your desired length and for times when not in use, you can simply pack the power kit way for safe storage and transportation.

You are normally only allowed to use 600 or 800 watt when the cable is rolled and you can use the total 2000 or 2400 watt when completely unrolled.

Key Features:
15 meter cable with three UK sockets
Polarity warning light
ELCB - Protected with built-in circuit breaker
Durable 3G1.5 brightly coloured cable
IP44 Dust proof and splash proof casing
Practical roll-up reel for safe and tidy keeping
Two USB ports: 5V/2100mA
Built-in 74 LED Light with 1 LED night light
Mains plug for power hook-up
Size: 20 x 32 x 30 cm
Weight: 4kg Approx

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