PCT ZR2500 Logicon Towing Interface Module

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  • Logicon Towing Interface Module Relay for towing vehicle fog light off and caravan fog light function
  • Upgraded live & earth ports for easy use with thicker cables
  • Plug reintroduced, which allows for a more efficient install. This can be disconnected for vehicle diagnostic check
  • Thermal fuse protection on all road light channels
  • Accommodates use of ultra-low voltage LED’s.
  • This means the unit operates in silence when in use, no clicking.
  • Runs on processors, so silent when in use
  • EC Type Approved to 2006/96/EC
  • 7 Channel output (compliant to BS AU 149A:1980 & ISO 11446)
  • Trailer directional indicators operational tell tale & C2 output
  • Ultra slimline design
  • 2m control input cable
  • Control input cable disconnect plug and socket
  • Plastic enclosure with mounting tabs

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